How To Come Up With Best Designer Bathroom Tiles

How To Come Up With Best Designer Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom is one space that will be used the most often at a place, just like a kitchen. When you first install the furniture in the bathroom, you have to be sure about the ideas that you come up with, which can be functional and beautiful for years to come, so your money is well spent. One of the best options for you is going for designer bathroom tiles. There are several things you can do with your bathroom, making it a much better space. Here are some of the intelligent moves that you can make regarding designer bathroom tiles.

Focusing On The Floor 

When you come up with designer bathroom tiles, it doesn’t mean that you cannot focus on the floor. Most people assume that designer tiles are meant for the walls, and some simple looking tiles should be used for the floors. The floors are prone to dirt and moisture, which would mean that the tiles installed there wouldn’t prove to be durable. So it is considered a safer option to go for normal tiles as it would cost less. But designer bathroom tiles can be installed for the floors too. As long as you use quality tiles, it would not be hard to keep up with the maintenance. Designer tiles are sure to give your bathroom a unique look which you would not get from normal tiles.

Look up the correct ways of maintaining the specific types of designer tiles you choose to purchase, as this will ensure that you can keep your designer bathroom tiles in the best shape for the longest time.

Colour Variations 

When you go for designer bathroom tiles, it would mean that the tiles will be available in colour variations. Although it is considered a safer option than one colour for an entire set of tiles, you still have to choose the colour variations. If you don’t know already, there are plenty of them available in the marketplace. So what course would you choose to deal with the choice of colour variations? This depends upon the theme you choose for your bathroom. If you go by our choice, it would be better to go for tiles that come with subtle colour shifts. Colours such as grey or cream look delightful in your bathroom, giving it a modern and contemporary look. Colour variations are also great for creating optical illusions and a sense of space or reducing space in your bathroom. You can do this using designer bathroom tiles easily if you have the budget for it.

Different Sizes Of Tiles 

It’s a lot of work before installing tiles in your bathroom. Since there will be at least one window and the door there, you will have a difficult time understanding your space and how to fit tiles into such space. This is why designer bathroom tiles need to be thought upon very carefully based on the proper measurements of the bathroom. If you can ask your supplier to give you the exact size of tiles, it would be easier for you. Although there’s always an option to do this during the installation process, the organization providing your services would have all the tools and equipment available with it. The size is going to differ drastically when you compare the floors with the walls. 

These are some of the things that you have to consider before installing designer bathroom tiles. It’s tricky and complex, but you will see amazing results yourself once the work is done successfully! 

All About Splashback Tiles For White Kitchen

All About Splashback Tiles For White Kitchen

Splashback tiles for white kitchens will act as a point of attraction that’ll draw people’s attention towards it. It will stand out as an accent amongst the clean and neutral white, thus making it a crucial element from a design point of view. It is essential to ensure that it is just right, not too subtle but or too flashy. Splashbacks tiles for white tiles serve the purpose of adding the pop of colour that the room needs. It adds character and interest to the space.

When choosing the material and colour of your splashback tiles for a white kitchen, the elements to consider include; any other colour that exists in or around the room. This can be from cabinets, appliances, plumbing, handles, nook and even finishes in adjoining rooms. As a result, some cohesion can be achieved. 

Trending Splashback Tiles For White Kitchens: 

 1. Large Format Tiles

Large-format tiles are bigger than your average tiles and are exceedingly used for flooring. However, using these in a contrasting application as splashback has been gaining momentum.

2. Patterned Tiles

Using patterned, neutral palate splashback tiles for white kitchens is quite popular. This is an optimal solution for those who do not wish to venture too far from the white. With patterns as the point of differentiation, they can opt for colours like beige, cream or even peach to maintain a soothing vibe in their kitchens. However, one can even use patterned tiles with bright colours to add vibrancy to their kitchens. 

3. Stone Tiles

Using stone splashback tiles for a white kitchen can create a clean and natural contrast. It is ironic since stone is a medieval tool; however, choosing the right stone tile allows your kitchen to achieve a modern look. You can also choose to match your splashback stone with their countertops to maintain coherence. 

4. Glass Splashbacks

Installing glass splashbacks can obtain a seamless look. Here, you can choose any colour and add variations through texture on the glass. Glass splashbacks look glamorous and are easy to clean as well. 

5. Metallics Tiles

Metallic or pressed metal tiles can give a modern vibe to your kitchens. Pressed metal splashback tiles for a white kitchen would provide a rejuvenating vibe using stark colours like grey, white, charcoal, or blue. 

6. Exposed Brick Tiles

Using these to add a rustic appeal to your kitchen. However, one must ensure that the exposed brick tile does not look fake and ruin the classy image of a white kitchen.

7. Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are visually captivating and glossy. Terrazzo is a composite material made of repurposed marble chips, quartz, granite, glass, etc. It is a suitable option for those looking for a sustainable or green option. 

8. Mosaic Tiles

Using mosaic splashback tiles for white kitchens is probably the standard yet diversified option. This is because mosaic tiles have a limitless variety to choose from. It is available in a variety of colours, textures, patterns, and sizes. It is also convenient in terms of maintenance and cost.

These were a few trending splashback tiles for white kitchens that might help you choose the ideal splashback tile for your kitchen. 

Importance Of Pool Edging Tiles

Importance Of Pool Edging Tiles

Owning a pool is considered to be a luxury and it is mandatory to ensure that certain measures are taken to make your pool an enjoyable and safe place for your loved ones. From the cleanliness of the pool to its construction, everything requires great attention. 

Construction of pools involves the selection of tiles and their appropriate placements. Pool edging tiles are also advised to be chosen wisely as they are very important for the appearance and maintenance of the pool. The process of putting up tiles on the edges of the pool is called coping. It basically is like a cap fixed on the edges of the pool for a neater and healthier touch.

Coping is done to hide the steel rods and concrete edges which are used for the building of the pool. They are built in such a way that the pool water isn’t wasted and is delivered back to the pool through the drains. For this purpose, pool edging tiles are fixed in a slanting manner, to ensure the water slides into the drains.  

There Are Multiple Options For Pool Coping Such As:

  • Poured Concrete Coping

This option is used when the pool is needed to look bigger. The coping is done in just one unit to make sure there are no breaks and that the horizontal plane is uniform by coping right above the edges of the pool. 

  • Precast Pool Coping

This kind of coping is usually simpler and less expensive than poured concrete coping. This coping gives you a variety of options in the texture, pattern, shape, size and color of the desired coping. It also provides uniform thickness entirely. 

  • Natural Coping Stone Or Brick Coping

This kind of coping ensures stiffness and sturdiness of the coping of the pool. The materials used in this coping are graphite, limestone, fieldstone, etc.

Depending on the requirements of your pool, you can choose any type of coping. Coping is like a barrier between the entrance of the pool and the deck. 

There Are Various Benefits Of Coping Which Prove The Importance Of The Same

  • Safety

Coping is used to hide and smoothen all the rough ends of the pool. Selection of smooth pool edging tiles should be mandatory as it prevents the swimmers from getting injured by the sharp and pointy ends of the surrounding. 

  • Saves Water

Splashing of water is inevitable in the pool which often results in the wastage of pool water. Coping solves this problem as there are drains attached which allow the water to flow back into the pool. 

  • Maintenance

Coping is done on the steel and concrete rods and platforms which are the root of the entire pool. They remain protected and healthy under the coped layer as they aren’t exposed to any extreme conditions.

  • Appearance

Coping comes with a wide range of variety which makes coping not only a management necessity but also an appearance one. The right kind of coping makes your pool look attractive and elegant. 

Selection and fixing pool edging tiles are a great investment for your pool as it increases its face value and quality. Do not hesitate before getting your pool coped, get on board now!

Don’t Buy Timber Flooring In Kellyville Without Asking These Questions

Don’t Buy Timber Flooring In Kellyville Without Asking These Questions

Planning to buy timber flooring in Kellyville for a new renovation project? Or are you building a new home where you hope timber floors can add a sense of balminess and genuineness that you always wanted in your interior spaces? If you’ve decided on solid timber, it’s the best option out there. 

The qualities solid timber flooring in Australia offers to homeowners is hard to replicate. But, since flooring is one of the most important home upgrade investments, it’s better for homeowners to do some basic research before shopping for timber flooring. To help you with the process, here are some key questions to ask sellers that can improve your floor shopping experience. 

Don’t Underestimate the Impact of Colours:

The fact that timber flooring in Kellyville is so popular is largely down to the fact that it comes with a neutral palette. Timber can be used alongside any materials, finishes, or textures without looking out of place. However, to create a look that fits your room’s aesthetic, you need to make some considerations. 

  1. Timber floors with darker shades typically make living spaces feel more cosy and relaxed. They’re good for homes in cooler climates that experience sporadic sunshine exposure. 
  2. Lighter Timbers – If you want the floors to be a neutral canvas for your customised interior designs, lighter timbers (e.g., Blackbutt, Maple) are perfect. They provide a fresh appeal to congested living spaces. 
  3. Wide Boards – If you’re creating open plan spaces or setting up flooring systems in large rooms, this option is great. 

How Do I Clean My Wooden Floors?

While it’s true that solid timber flooring in Australia typically lasts for decades with proper care and maintenance. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget the second part of that statement and avoid their cleaning and maintenance responsibilities.

  • Owners of timber flooring in Kellyville must regularly vacuum their floors with soft bristle heads.
  • Sweeping with electrostatic mops or dust collectors is ok. 
  • Long periods of moisture exposure are known to cause even solid timber flooring in Australia to swell and cup. That’s why keeping these floors dry by taking measures like not cleaning with steam or cleaning spills quickly is important. 
  • Fit shielding pads to the feet of chairs, tables, and other heavy furniture items to avoid scuff marks. The number one reason timber flooring in Kellyville gets damaged is due to furniture-related damages. 
  • Sanding high-quality solid timber flooring in Australia is completely safe. Surface features may diminish slightly, but most sanding experts know how to sand solid timber floors without causing them to lose their colours or texture. 

Is My Timber Flooring Sustainably Sourced?

It’s easy to find sustainable sellers or timber flooring in Kellyville. Firstly, timber is inherently natural and a renewable resource. However, some flooring solution providers may use chemicals like formaldehyde to make their products last longer. So, looking for certifications like “Chain of Custody certification” is good for shoppers. 

Buying solid timber flooring in Australia almost always turns out to be a good investment. These questions aren’t designed to stop your pursuit of timber floors. They’ll just help you find peace of mind that the timber floors they just invested in will last for decades! 

Kitchen Ceramic Tiles: Their Pros and Cons

Kitchen Ceramic Tiles: Their Pros and Cons

The archetypal choice for a new or a renovated kitchen has always primarily been the ceramic tiles. Kitchen ceramic tile has been established as a popular choice for kitchen flooring tiles and work effortlessly to refine the look of a room. The versatility of these tiles makes it very well-liked by the public as it is easily adjustable to different styles and colours. These tiles can provide a whole new look to the kitchen while delivering the function of keeping the floor clean and pretty. 

Ceramic Tile Have Many Pros Such As

1) Longevity

The ceramic tiles work well against wear and tear. The kitchen especially needs these tiles to ensure the cleanliness of the room. The spills and splashes and the back and forth of the kitchen make it excessively susceptible to dirt. The tiles make cleaning effortless by using a mop and mild cleaning solution daily to keep the floor clean and free from germs.

2) Budget Friendly

Kitchen ceramic tile is chosen by the vast majority for their versatility and the low-price ranges make them appealing to buyers. The high demand for these tiles makes them exponentially cheaper than other tiles. 

3) Style

With ever-changing markets and trends, ceramic tiles stand the test of it by making a wide variety of colours to match the themes. Modern printing technology has advanced enough to make it possible for ceramic tiles to mimic the natural stone, wood and clean monotone style. Choosing the right design and patterns help make even small kitchens look tall and an empty kitchen look more appealing to the viewer. 

Ceramic Tile Also Has Some Cons To It

1) Ceramic Tiles Crack

The tiles often result in cracks as floors settle. The cold and hard underfoot requires the use of a rug or cushioned mat for comfort. The Ceramic can become extremely slippery with moisture. Even without the dampness, it can be slippery to some extent. The kitchen ceramic tiles can also be sensitive to extreme temperatures. Thus, making it less than ideal for outdoor floor planning, the kitchen is usually the safest bet.

2) regular Maintenance Is Required

Kitchen ceramic tiles require grout to hold the tiles together. It then anticipates the required speciality cleaning while the grout needs to be resealed periodically to prevent the stain from forming between the tiles. This process can be very time-consuming.  


With this list of pros and cons, it is time to decide for yourself if kitchen ceramic tiles are a good fit for your home kitchen. There are many types of ceramic tiles available in the market at drastically different price points.

It is totally up to you to decide what kind of ceramic or other tiles you wish to use to furnish the kitchen floors. Whether it be a simple white tile or a bunch of beautifully printed designer tiles, there is a market and a budget for all in the ceramic tile range.

Stunning Mosaic Tiles Near You

Stunning Mosaic Tiles Near You

Since the age of the Ancient Romans, mosaics have remained popular for centuries. Its decorative and artistic advantage has developed it into an ornamental construction material. Mosaic tiles have also become a form of modern art and craft. Modern mosaic tiles can be found covering almost anything ranging from pavements, floors, walls, flowerpots, kitchens, bathrooms to bicycles. 

How Are Mosaic Tiles Made? 

In today’s modern world, professionals, including crafters and artisans, utilise shells, ceramics, art glass, stones, beads, odd items like pearls, mirrors and even photographs to design images or patterns. These images or patterns are created using small pieces of materials like coloured glass, stone or ceramic, held together on a surface by plaster, cement, mortar or other adhesives. 

With the rise of the digital age, mosaic tiles in Canberra consist of a digital image made by putting together individual tile pieces. The arrangement of the tiles is usually non-overlapping. Modern mosaics are more like collages made of tiles. 

Why Are Mosaic Tiles In Demand? 

Several factors have made mosaic tiles in Canberra popular and in demand. 

  • Artistic Appeal

Installing mosaic tiles in Canberra has become a trend for householders having artistic inclinations. And rightly so, because installing them helps create a stunning effect. Be it on the walls of a shower room, washroom, balcony or swimming pool floor, and mosaic tiles are what you will see.

  • Wider Scope

Mosaic tiles gives professionals and consumers a wider scope to use their imagination and skills. Mosaic tiles are now widely used as a decorative, artistic and construction material both in commercial and residential areas. Even on the walls of railway stations or metro stations, you will find attractive mosaic tile designs. 

  • Cost-effective

Technological advancement has to lead to automation of production, reducing the high cost of labour. Instead of assembling small pieces of ceramic or other materials by hand, they are now assembled by robots, using computer-aided design software. Production automation has enabled ten times greater and faster production of mosaic tiles with higher accuracy. Therefore, mass production has made it available to people at cost-effective rates. Online stores in Canberra give you mosaic tiles at wholesale rates. You can even ask for free samples before purchasing your desired set of mosaic tiles. 

  • Diverse

Mosaic tiles Canberra are available in diverse patterns, textures and colours. They are made of different materials like porcelain, glass, and ceramic, glazed and give your floors and walls a sleek and classy look. Digital image processing and computer designing software have enabled manufacturers to provide you with tiles of any image, colour or pattern. The software can automatically match and make the best fitting tiles using the image source. 

Considering the above factors, it is proved that mosaic tiles can be an excellent choice for flooring and decorating your walls, both for internal and external purposes. Mosaic tiles are just as durable and sturdy as any other quality tiles and can undoubtedly enhance your space’s overall appeal and ambience.