5 Types Of Teas That Are Good For Your Health

5 Types Of Teas That Are Good For Your Health

Good health is a very crucial part of everyone’s life. Good health promotes a good mood, active lifestyle and overall well–being of a person. There are some teas that can help u achieve your fitness goals and can improve your lifestyle. Weight loss is one of the important factors of a healthy lifestyle. And some of the food and beverages can help with the same. You can find the best tea for weight loss which can be a great option.

This article suggests 5 types of teas that can help in weight loss and in promoting good health-

Black tea:

It is made up of the Camellia sinensis plant’s leaves. It is a good option if you’re planning to lose weight. It also improves gut health. It can lower cholesterol levels. It helps in maintaining blood pressure levels.

Green tea:

Just like black tea, green tea is also made up of the leaves of Camellia. It’s an excellent choice for weight loss. It can reduce belly fat. Rich in antioxidants, it can prevent heart ailments and promote good heart health. Drinking green tea empty stomach can enhance its benefits.

White tea:

White tea has a yellow-green colour.  It has a grassy taste. Apart from being good for weight loss, it promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall. It is lighter and often low in caffeine.

Herbal tea:

It is a combination of different spices and herbs mixed in warm or Luke warm water. It comes in a variety of flavours – from ginger to hibiscus! It can boost your immune system and is a good option to treat nausea and vomiting.

Oolong team:

it is a type of Chinese tea.  It is semi-oxidized. It can improve bone health, reduce burnout and stress and is suitable for diabetic patients.