What Is Clean Energy Council Solar Installer & Accreditation Process

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The Solar Accreditation Process is a comprehensive system to ensure that CEC solar installers operate within their scope of practice. The process checks and rechecks the credentials of all applicants, including verification through third-party testing. 

If an installer can’t provide solid credentials for approval, the program will not consider them for installation. This can be particularly important for smaller companies that may not have the opportunity to advertise their services effectively. Identifying quality standards continues to be a top priority for the Canadian Solar Foundation (CSF), which administers the program.

Why is the CEC program important?

Successful implementation of the CEC program is essential to long-term win; It provides a quality evaluation system for all CEC solar installers to ensure that they offer customer services.

How does the CEC process work?

All applicants are subject to a rigorous process to determine if they are eligible to participate in the program. This includes a careful review of their credentials and a determination of their competency. All applicants, including those who do not meet the eligibility requirements, must formally apply to participate in the CEC program. 

Eligibility criteria include having been a solar installer for less than five years and having completed an accredited training program. The training program must consist of theoretical and practical components. Also include instruction on stress & strain tests Or how to conduct electrical and digital circuit analysis.

How to Apply for the CEC program

All applications must be made through the CEC online application system. The system is secure and requires only a username and a password to access the application. 

Some of the CEC program requirements are detailed in the following high-level steps: 

  • The program will look in two places: the solar industry registry & the Canadian Solar Foundation’s website. 
  • They are ensuring that accredited CEC solar installers are listed. 
  • The program will automatically look for other accredited installers to verify and confirm credentials.
  • Accredited CEC solar installers must undergo a verification process to ensure they meet the program’s eligibility requirements.
  • All applicants, including those without a permit, must apply. Receive a national license before beginning work to comply with local and provincial by-laws. 
  • Many regional and local by-laws will only allow accredited companies to operate within their jurisdiction to ensure quality control.  

Before a solar installation can begin, the applicant must generally pay between $2,000 and $3,000 US fees. The price helps fund the operation of the CEC program and helps cover the cost of administering the program.

Final Words

Successful implementation of the CEC program will promote confidence among stakeholders within the solar industry. Also, the public encourages investment and job creation in the renewable energy sector. The CEC program is highly relevant to the ongoing efforts of the government to reduce carbon emissions & promote clean energy.

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