3 Important Facts To Know Before Opting Ct Scan Wattle Grove

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Once your doctor recommends you for a CT scan of wattle grove, you might be apprehensive in the initial stage. There are main reasons behind your resistance. 

You might have heard from a familiar person about the harmful effects of radiation from such a scan. 

But this is a minor issue these days. Because, with technological advancement and up gradation of medical equipment, radiation is reduced to a considerable amount, and the internal images of your body can be scanned intricately, without causing any further harm.

Important facts that you must know

Before you go for such a scan, you may have a few queries in your mind. Some of your doubts have been cleared below for your knowledge.

  1. It is very natural to ask your doctor to prescribe an MRI or ultrasound scan, rather than a CT scan wattle grove. But there are certain areas where this scan is preferred.

For instance, it is a much quicker process compared to the former. 

Moreover, MRI scans are very sensitive to motion, whereas CT scans are less susceptible to body movements.

Further, trauma patients undergo this scan as general anaesthesia cannot be applied, since it can have adverse effects if opted for MRI.

  1. A regular question is if you have pacemaker implants, can this scan still be possible? The answer is yes, but with certain restrictions.

You will be advised to remove your metal jewellery and other external accessories to avoid any problems during the scan session. But other medical implants, mentioned before, might interfere with the scanning result and quality.

  1. CT scan wattle grove will be recommended to you only when you face any life-threatening situation, and the chance of your recovery is more than the radiation effect. 

The medical world is also undergoing transformation leading to the latest technological applications where CT scan radiation can be adjusted and minimized according to your requirement.

Since it has some implications on the body, pregnant ladies and kids below ten years are beyond the purview of the scan.

The time frame for such a scan

CT scan is done to get images of your blood vessels, termed a CT Coronary Angiogram, which takes about two hours.

The overall time for your turn of CT scan depends mainly on the patient flow for the particular day in the scanning centre.

You will require more time if too many CT scans of various parts of your body are needed.

How to get an appointment for the scan?

Initially, you need to call radiology and fix the CT scan appointment. Generally, you will be told to bring the doctor’s referral letter, and carry the Medicare card.

Apart from these, you might be asked to carry the previous reports and images of the area that requires the CT scan. 

Many times, you will be told to fast before this test as this is the prevalent norm.

It can be concluded that your CT scan appointment can be easily fixed if you plan your work schedule.

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