4 Things To Look For While Buying A Used Mitsubishi Forklift For Sale

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Business owners always find it difficult to convince themselves to spend extra money on new forklifts. So, when you see a used Mitsubishi forklift for sale, you feel like grabbing it as soon as possible if you have been looking for a forklift lately. 

Second-hand forklifts are the right solution for people who need to use the equipment for 20 hours a week on average. But buying a used forklift has its own set of risks. So, make sure you save some money and don’t invest in some non-functional equipment. 

1. Meeting your requirements

You may need the forklift for a wide range of personal, industrial, and commercial. Depending on the purpose of use, you will have a list of requirements. Identification of a suitable forklift is necessary, especially if you are a first-time buyer. 

While assessing the used Mitsubishi forklift for sale, you should ask yourself a few questions, like

  • How often do you intend to use the forklift?
  • Will there be environmental or noise restrictions?
  • How much functional working space will it need?
  • What type of tasks do you want it to perform? 
  • What are the user requirements?

Only reliable sellers will help identify the used forklifts that will serve the best. 

2. Look for damages

When a person or company has used a forklift for a certain period, chances are high that there will be damage to the equipment. So, an inspection of the forklift is essential. 

  • Look out for bends, cracks or other signs of wear and tear. 
  • Check the heel of the fork blade.
  • The used Mitsubishi forklift for sale is in good condition when the thickness of eh blade matches the thickness of the upright shank of the fork. 

If it doesn’t, then the forks are not in a perfect functional state. 

3. Check the battery life

If you are investing in electric forklifts, you should note that the batteries are expensive. As the batteries cost almost 40% of the total cost of a forklift, ensure that the equipment has enough battery life left.

The used Mitsubishi forklift for sale should have enough battery span left. The average battery longevity is about 1200 to1500 charges. Each charge is equivalent to five hours of run time. Calculate accordingly to detect the battery life span of the equipment. 

4. Check the tires

Another part that can say a lot about the condition of the used forklift is the tires. If the tread is non-existent or low, it is a sure sign of worn-out tires. So, take a look at the wear line or the safety line. 

In case of the absence of the wear line, check the lettering on the sidewall. Reaching the top of the lettering.

Determine the state:

Therefore, assessment of the condition of a used Mitsubishi forklift for sale is vital. It can save you from costly mistakes. The right choice can save a considerable sum for the company.

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