5 Ways To Decorate Your Van

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Want to design your van for making it look beautiful? Sprinter van conversions, fixing up a skoolie, a simple decoration of your camper van, or whatever you do, there are hundreds of ways to create van fitouts in Sydney that caters to your lifestyle needs. Below is the guide on how to plan your decoration: 

1. Dress Up the Walls

Everyone likes to feel at home wherever you go, so use plywood panels or shiplap on the walls to make your van feel less like a mode of transportation and more like your own place. It is an easy van interior design tip. Painting the panels with neutral tones like beige, white, and tan will help create an illusion of a larger space and make your home on wheels feel larger! These van fit-outs in Sydney will help you create superb interiors inside your van.

2. Light it up

Supposedly your travel van doesn’t have windows, what is the next best option to illuminate your van? Yes, you guessed it right. Lighting is going to be extra crucial to avoid having a space that makes you feel like a dark cave. To keep things light on your pockets, LED fairy lights or strip lights options seem to be a good option to opt for. A cozy ambience is what you need all day and night. If you want to make a hefty expense, go for backlighting and recessed lights.

3. Get Fancy with Flooring

Flooring plays a big part in van fit-outs in Sydney, much like your house. Vinyl planks or bamboo flooring are the most popular flooring ideas, as the real hardwood floors are resembled them and are pretty easy to clean when sand or dirt gets tracked inside your van. For extra protection, you can even put down a colourful rug and keep your space filled with warmth when travelling in areas with colder temperatures!

4. Convenient Cabinetry

Generally, people think that vans are small so not much change can be installed in them. But there you are wrong. You can as much as install convenient storage like overhead cabinetry and make your travel time fun and easy with this van fit-out in Sydney. This enlarges your space in your living area, as well as the chance to select cabinets that fit your van decor style.

5. Invest in a Kitchen

A kitchen add-on to your van can help you save your penny while living on the road. You can upscale your style in the van by adding a galley-type kitchen with a sink, granite counters and faucets, and a stovetop. Also, why not equip your van with a pull-out kitchen with a two-burner stove; counter space, and hidden storage? 


Van decoration ideas with these van fit-outs in Sydney can be very exciting as you can décor it according to your whims and fancies. You need not go overboard with decorating your van since you are not going to spend your life over there. But a few small ornamentations can light up the space. So go ahead and enjoy your home on the wheels. 

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