Benefits of Davco Grout

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When installing new tile, most people often ask questions about the need to seal the grout. On that note, different entrepreneurs have different opinions. Davco Grout is a mixture of cement, sand and water used to fill the spaces between the tiles. This gritty surface is the perfect texture for capturing everyday dirt, crumbs and grime that vacuuming and scrubbing can lose. Over time, the particles break down in the grout, giving it a dirty appearance. The sealer smooths out that gritty texture, preventing everyday grime and grime from leaking out. It can also help prevent moisture infiltration! 

However, not all types of mortar need to be sealed. Some high-performance mortars such as epoxy or urethane grouts can be left as is. However, Portland cement mortars, whether smooth or unsanded, must be sealed when used without additives. To be sure, check the manufacturer’s website for more information. 

Why Should Homeowners Have Davco Grout?

Keeps Grout Like New: 

Sealing tiles adds more water resistance, and therefore it becomes less susceptible to any kind of damage. Leave it open and watch for any liquid spilled on the coulis, such as wine, which will eventually stain it. And while you can use bleach to remove some of these stains, other substances like oil cannot be obliterated. It may be necessary to replace all of the grout due to these ugly stains. 

Helps Keep out mould: 

It keeps in mind that mould and mildew thrive on warm, damp surfaces. A non-penetrating Davco grout can help keep moisture out; prevent water from entering the mortar. Without moisture, these organisms won’t thrive on the grout, saving you the hard work of trying to remove mould and mildew. 

Stain Resistance: 

Stain Resistance is arguably the most important attribute and the biggest misconception regarding sealants and protecting a particular surface. Almost all consumers of rugs understand that if they spill wine, coffee, or any other contaminant on their carpets (although they’ve been treated with some form of protection), they should dry up the spill as soon as possible to avoid potential stains on the surface. However, this is not necessarily the case for many consumers of tiles and stones. 

An extended performance: 

A proper maintenance program is essential to keep sealers functioning correctly and maximise their life. A good maintenance program has three key elements. The right machinery for maintenance. It can be as easy as a good mop, or a car scrubber can require for other installations. However, remember that you should choose a professional to finish your job when sealing the Davco grout. You can ensure that the process is correctly completed and that the sealant offers you all the benefits.

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