Different Types Of Trucks Used As Food Trailers

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Owning a food trailer gives you a chance to cook and sell food within a truck. To open a food stall or restaurant, you don’t have to worry about the property. You can park the large motorised vehicle at a place where there’s a huge rush of people. Food trailers have made various businessmen successful, and they have gone on to open their restaurants. A food trailer is the beginning of an opportunity to do something big in the times to come. But do you know that there are various vehicles used for food trailers? 

Yes, you heard it right. Food trailers can differ in shape and size and it has a lot to do with the type of truck being used for the cause. Let’s take a look at different types of trucks that are used as food trailers: 

Ford Stepvan 

It is the most common type of truck used for food trailers. It is because it suits the needs of a food trailer comfortably. There is enough space to cook inside and you can sell the food off without much fuss too. These would generally be 18-20 feet long with a height of 9-10 feet. Moreover, the width of this type of truck is in the range of 7-8 feet. As far as commercial activities go, this type of food trailer has to be your most reliable option.  The only problem here is the cost involved with Ford Stepvan. You have to spend a minimum cost of $12500 and it can go as high as $31000 too. 

Horse Boxes 

The name itself suggests the purpose behind using these trucks. Back in the day, these boxes were used to transport horses. But since there are barely any horses around, this has become a perfect option as food trailers. If you look around in the city, horse boxes have been converted into different types of mobile catering units. They are not used as a typical food trailer in most cases. The most common use of the horse boxes is for mobile coffee or alcohol bars. In wedding and private events, these types of food trailers seem to be an ideal option. 

School Buses 

School buses have become a great option for food trailers as well. The best part about using school buses is the space they offer you. School buses should be ideal if you want to cook plenty of things at once and have many employees working for the food truck. It would cost you high, but getting a second-hand school bus can be very handy as a food trailer. It is 2.59 m wide and 13.7 m. long which is ideal for handling many employees at once. You can get such a food trailer for a cost as low as $10,000. 


Caravans serve a great purpose as a food trailer too. If you use the vintage version of caravans, it will be fitting as the food truck. They can work well if you have just a couple of employees working in the food trailer. They are easy to tow and store compared to some other types of vehicles used for food trucks. The cost of caravans is very reasonable too. When you’re specifically looking for a caravan meant to be used as a food truck, you will find a good option in the range of $1200 to $9000. 

These are the various types of trucks to be used as food trailers. You can choose one based on your needs and desires! 

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