This Is Your Ultimate Guide For Hosting An Asian Funeral!

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The children or younger family members of the deceased person are in charge of arranging and planning Chinese funerals. It is a Confucian philosophy based on filial piety and loyalty to one’s kin. To decide the best date for the Chinese funeral service, family members must review the Chinese Almanac. Asian funeral homes and nearby temples assist families in preparing the body and coordinating funeral rituals.

Funeral announcements are given in the form of invitations. The invites for most Chinese funerals are white. The invites are pink if the user is over the age of 80. The Asian funeral invitation contains details about the funeral’s date, period, and place, as well as a brief obituary about the deceased, which might include his or her birth date, date of death, age, family members who survived them, and, in certain cases, how the individual died. 

Chinese Funeral Dress:

Guests at a Chinese funeral dress in solemn shades such as black. Asian funeral clothing that is bright and vibrant, particularly red, should be avoided because these colours are synonymous with happiness. White is appropriate, even whether the victim was 80 or older, white with pink or red is appropriate since the incident is a cause for celebration. The corpse is dressed in a white cloak.


Wake, which can last several days, is also held prior to the funeral. For at least one night, family members are forced to hold an overnight vigil in which the person’s portrait, roses, and candles are put on the body and the family sits nearby. During the wake, relatives and friends carry flowers, which are intricate wreaths with couplet banners and white envelopes filled with cash. White funeral flowers are customarily used in China. The white envelopes are identical to the red envelopes seen for weddings. The funds are intended to assist the family in paying for the funeral. If the deceased person was working, it is common for his or her employer to submit a large flower wreath as well as a substantial monetary donation.

The Memorial Service:

The mourning family will burn joss paper at the Asian funeral to ensure the departed has a peaceful path. Fake paper money, as well as miniature objects such as vehicles, homes, and televisions, are destroyed. These objects are often associated with the loved one’s desires and are thought to accompany them to the afterlife. This way, when they reach the spirit world, they will have all they need. An Asian funeral eulogy may be delivered, and prayers may be said if the deceased was religious.

Following the Funeral:

Following the burial service, a funeral procession is conducted to the graveyard or crematorium. Usually, a hired band resembling a marching band leads the parade and performs loud music to frighten spirits and ghosts. The family is dressed in mourning garb and walks behind the band. The hearse or sedan carrying the coffin follows the family. It is usually decorated with a big portrait of the deceased hung on the windshield. The parade is completed by friends and colleagues.

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