Types And Benefits Of Vinyl Plank Floor

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Flooring is an integral part of every space. It ought to be beautiful, durable and spectacular. One of the best flooring out of all is the plank floor. Vinyl proves to be the best material for plank floors in Sydney. Vinyl is a kind of artificial wood, which means it feels natural and all natural things are naturally beautiful in their way.

Vinyl plank floors in Sydney do not just come in one type and one pattern. There are so many patterns in which the planks can be installed to fit into the room adequately. Vinyl is kind of a miracle for people who love the naturalness of things. It is the material that works best in scratch-resistant, and water-resistant too. 

Out of so many types of plank floors in Sydney, we will talk about some of the perfect fit for your space.

  • Luxury Vinyl Plant Flooring

Also called LVP in short, it is the favourite vinyl flooring that makes it look and feel actually like wood. With high-quality comfort and waterproof property, it proves to be the best for all spaces whether it is commercial or residential.

  • Rigid Core Vinyl Floor

This flooring is equipped with a dense composite core engineered for longevity and durability in high-traffic areas. There is a variety of planks available in this core type. These are waterproof and serve as a fail-proofing solution for open floor designs.

  • Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

WPC is similar to the rigid-core vinyl floor. It is 100% waterproof and is slip resistant too. it is best for the children and pets in the house as the water will not splash and spill over the whole floor. It can also be used best in bathrooms, kitchens and utility.


  • Higher-Durability

Vinyl plank floors in Sydney are as durable as wooden floors. It can be used in an environment where there is high foot traffic. Even if something falls on the floor, it will not break or tear in any way which makes it the best floor option in Sydney.

  • Low Maintenance

As it does not break and tear, the maintenance needed is also very low. It does not stain or scratch as well. This means just the regular moping will make it, look new for a longer time.

  • Water-Resistant

Plank floors in Sydney are famous because they have another important property of being water-resistant. Even if the water spills on the floor, it will not make the person slip on it and get hurt in any way.

  • Cost-Effective

Vinyl plank floor has so many advantages that it makes it cost-effective too. The plank floor in Sydney proves to be the best floor out of all. It is a one-time investment and no stress for decades.

  • Long-Lasting

Vinyl is the best material that fits in all the spaces like bathrooms, laundry, kitchen and below the sink etc. the properties that the vinyl floor has makes it a long-lasting floor. It can be installed in rough and tough situations.


Plank floors in Sydney are so much in trend because of their awesome properties and unique shades. These planks come in different colours and shades which makes them unique. Choosing between the gloss or the matte finish is up to the client. It is not just a regular rectangular plant but there are many more patterns available that make the place look beautiful and elegant in its way.

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