Types Of Lifting Chains You Need To Know

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Choosing the appropriate sling is essential for simplicity of usage and safety while lifting heavy objects overhead. Pipes, construction materials, and even boxcars can be safely lifted and moved using slings. You need to know which kind of sling is the proper one. 

The proper tools must be employed to successfully lift huge loads. Chain slings are one of the tools frequently used to lift many kinds of loads. There are several industrial and construction applications for these slings. Use lifting chains 2 leg because they are flexible and sturdy enough to withstand various loading circumstances. 

Why chain slings 

High-tensile lifting chain slings have various benefits, including being robust, dependable, flexible, and long-lasting with proper care. Depending on the needs of the application, they can be entirely customised. Slings made with high tensile chains have a large size-to-working load limit ratio.

As a result, a little chain sling can lift exceptionally big loads. Any chain sling can be shortened to be used at various lifting lengths because shortening hooks are available on every form of chain sling. This eliminates the need to acquire multiple chain slings. Buy lifting chains 2 leg because they are temperature resistant. 

Selecting right slings

In every specific lifting scenario, sufficient safety precautions must be taken at all times and in every situation. Chain slings come in single, double, and multi-leg varieties for these applications. Go through each of these three categories of slings in further detail:

Single leg

The single-leg chain sling is what its name implies. A single length of chain supports the raised load. Applying an even load distribution is necessary while using this kind of sling. Single chain slings with links supporting master links, sling hooks, sling grab hooks, and foundry hooks are also available. Certain varieties support seemingly infinite basket configurations, while others are customisable. Grade 80 chains allow for links with sizes ranging up to 7/8 inches. You can get links with a thickness of 1 and a quarter inches using grade 100 chain slings. Certain chain slings are rated for weight capacities of up to 70,000 lb.

Double leg

With double-leg chain slings, the lift is supported by two distinct chain links. Once more, you can choose among master links with sling, foundry hooks, or grab hooks when using these slings. Some have an additional unending double basket, while others are movable. For some variants, the maximum weight capacity is 100,000 pounds. Moreover, there are variations of these slings in grades 80 and 100, with the same 7/8 in 1 and a quarter length.


A multi-leg chain sling may be necessary if you require more lifting power to support loads greater than 100 and 180,000 pounds. Of course, this needs to be configured to work correctly and safely. These slings might have three or more chains in them. Multi-leg slings are available in the same grade ranges as the lifting chains 2 leg, and single sling chains.

Final thoughts

Chain slings are the most suited for industrial uses and lifting heavy loads compared to the other sorts. Therefore, chain slings are often employed in settings and steel manufacturing facilities that operate at high temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of their enduring strength and lengthy lifespan, lifting chains 2 leg are made to be used continuously. They are also more appropriate for usage in difficult environments like foundries and companies that produce large machines. 

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