Which Tile Is Best For The Modern Kitchen On The Floor – Tips For Choosing

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From a practical point of view, modern kitchen tiles are considered the highest quality flooring material for the kitchen. It fully meets all the requirements put forward for the floor surface. When buying this material, you should take into account the general style of the room and the properties of different types of floor tiles.

The Specifics Of The Modern Kitchen Tiles

The choice of which modern kitchen tiles to put on the floor in the kitchen has its characteristics due to the specifics of this room. It is used every day by all family members, food is prepared here, and food is taken in the dining area.

Features Of The Kitchen That Affects The Selection Of Floor Tiles:

  • The constant change in room temperature
  • The floor surface is systematically in contact with grease, various liquids and contaminants
  • Rapid abrasion of the top layer of the coating
  • The probability of mechanical damage to the surface as a result of falling objects
  • The use of chemically aggressive detergents and cleaners.

Kitchen Floor Requirements

Tiles for the kitchen floor must meet several requirements:

  • Strength and wear resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Fire safety
  • Resistance to temperature changes during operation
  • Neutrality to the effects of detergents containing aggressive substances
  • Environmental protection – when heated, toxic components should not be released

Types Of Floor Tiles

Modern kitchen tiles are represented on the domestic market with various patterns and colors. To determine which floor tiles are best for the kitchen, a professional can help, taking into account the base material and the personal preferences of the property owner.

For flooring, you cannot use the same tiles as for walls. Manufacturers produce a category of products designed for laying on surfaces that will be subjected to increased load during operation.

The following main types of floor tiles for the kitchen are presented on the market:


This type of coating differs in structure, color, thickness, and outer layer. Ceramics can imitate any material. For the kitchen area, the best choice would be a matte unglazed tile with a ribbed surface or coated with a corundum coating.

Ceramic Granite- 

In terms of its qualities, this material, which has a low-porous structure, is superior to ceramics. It is more robust, wear-resistant and durable. For the floor in the kitchen, they mainly buy porcelain stoneware with a matte finish.

Pvc Tiles- 

You don’t need to buy glue to mount them. It has a self-adhesive surface. To ascend, it requires a completely flat base.


Surfaces created with glass tiles have a beautiful appearance. In terms of performance, glass coating is not inferior to ceramics.

Natural Stone- 

Marble is the most commonly used, but it is costly and slippery and is therefore used in mansions where food is rarely prepared in the kitchen.

Live 3d Floor- 

It consists of several layers of polycarbonate with a liquid placed between them. For the installation of a 3D floor, a perfectly flat surface is required.

Knowing how to choose modern kitchen tiles will help you make the right choice and create a high-quality coating.

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