Why Install Bathroom Floor Tiles For A Perfect Appearance?

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Every room in our house, including the kitchen, bathroom, and living room floor, is tiled. The best technique to get the desired effect is to tile the bathroom floor first, making the wall tile appear “sitting” on the floor.

The idea of tiling the shower floor first is rejected by several expert designers. Their main explanation is that tile and mortar almost always fall to the ground while tiling a wall.

As a result, your floor can get damaged, and your bath renovation might take longer and cost you more money. If you still choose to tile the floor before the wall, you can prevent these damages by covering your tiled floor with a protective cloth or gentle material on the tile while you work on the wall.

However, remember that before stepping on the floor to tile the wall, the mortar must have completely dried. Here are a few reasons tiles make a great choice for bathroom floor tiles in Sydney.

Resistance to Moisture

Other than excessive dampness, your bathroom has a lot of other challenges. Abrasive cleaners, soaps, and modern shampoos can easily harm your bathroom’s floors. The harsh bathroom environment won’t harm tiles for a very long time because they are waterproof.

Radiant heat

The best construction material for keeping the heat in your bathroom floor tiles. They maintain the temperature of your shower area year-round when used in conjunction with radiant heating technology. Generally speaking, tiles are better at transferring heat and do not break or become damaged during the heat cycle.


Even though tiles are more expensive than other building materials, the overall cost of ownership is lower. Tiles are a cost-effective option for the walls and flooring of your bathroom because of their durability and resistance to dampness.

Simple to maintain

You are not at war with water, but the mould and mildew that come with a moist climate make your bathroom disgusting. Cleaning mould and mildew from concrete, wood, and other surfaces can be extremely challenging. However, installing tiles in your bathroom stops their growth and makes it easier to maintain a spotless bathroom.

Made-for-Safety Surfaces

It will rain splashes and water on your bathroom surfaces. To help you choose the best type of bathroom floor tiles in Sydney, Tile offers a vast selection of tile tiles with anti-slip properties.


The bathroom floor should be tiled first to get the desired impression of having the wall tile appear “sitting” on the floor.

If you still decide to tile the floor before the wall, you can avoid these issues by covering your tiled floor with a shield or other gentle-on-tile material while you work on the wall. Above are a few reasons why tiles are an excellent option for your bathroom’s walls and flooring.

Tiles are the greatest building material for maintaining heat in your bathroom.

Because of their longevity and resistance to moisture, tiles are a cost-effective solution for your bathroom’s walls and flooring.

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