6 Indications You Might Need An Emergency Dentist Appointment

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It can be hard to know when you need to see a dentist – and even harder to know which dental problems might necessitate an emergency appointment. Here are six signs you need to see a dentist as soon as possible. Have you experienced any of them? If so, don’t wait – head to the emergency dentist in Brighton-le-sands as soon as possible to prevent any serious dental problems from developing.

Missing Filling 

If you’ve lost one or more teeth, it’s important to visit the emergency dentist in Brighton-le-sands as soon as possible to get them replaced with permanent dentures. Any gaps in your denture where the tooth is missing can cause serious problems over time and may even require dental surgery. If you delay too long, you can require a root canal, which is a far more invasive surgery.

Painful Swelling Around Teeth 

If you’re experiencing pain around your teeth that hasn’t gone away despite medication or rest, it might be a sign that you have a cavity or another dental problem requiring immediate attention from your dentist. The pain could also indicate other issues, such as an abscessed tooth or an infection in the gum tissue.

Bad Breath 

If you’re experiencing bad breath, it might be a sign that your dental hygiene isn’t up to par and that you have a problem with one of your teeth or cavities. If the odour is particularly strong, it may also indicate an oral health issue that should be taken seriously and addressed by an emergency dentist in Brighton-le-sands.

Changes in Teeth’s Color 

If you notice any changes in the colour of your teeth, it might signify something is wrong with one or more of them. This could include tooth decay, yellowing from age, or root canal treatment which has caused discolouration around the tooth. If you experience these symptoms often, it might be best to schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible so they can take a look and determine the cause.

Severe Toothache 

This type of pain can indicate an abscessed tooth or another serious issue that requires treatment by a dentist. If the pain worsens without relief and lasts more than several days, it might be best to go to the hospital for evaluation. Such an issue could indicate an infection that needs to be treated with antibiotics, and a root canal or other more invasive surgery may also be necessary.

Broken Tooth

If you break one of your teeth, getting it fixed as soon as possible is important. A broken tooth can easily become infected and, if left untreated, can lead to serious dental problems such as a root canal or even facial nerve paralysis. If the tooth is particularly difficult to remove due to its location or fracture, a dentist may need additional equipment, such as an endodontist or oral surgeon, to successfully treat the injury.

If you experience any of the warning signs listed above, it might be best to see an emergency dentist in Brighton-le-sands as soon as possible. A broken tooth can easily lead to infection and other dental issues, so taking care of it as quickly as possible is important.

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