Everything You Need To Know About the Emerging Leader Development Program

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Talent is more important than ever, even more so now that many people have left their jobs. The best teams for developing leaders use emerging leader development programs. A good program for emerging leaders engages, motivates, and, in the end, keeps talent. When a leadership position opens up, well-trained people will be ready to go immediately, saving time and money on recruitment.¬†Therefore, here are some of the most important things to consider, whether you’re looking at an outside program or getting ready for an Emerging Leader Development Program.

How do you make a good program for developing leaders?

Define Organization Leadership Goals.

To make intelligent and influential leaders, the organization’s goals for leadership must be fully known and understood by the leaders. Setting clear leadership goals is essential to an excellent emerging leader development program. In addition, the organization’s leadership gaps must be considered when making the development program. The development program should also be made with the organization’s short-term and long-term strategic goals.

Focus On Development.

Even though emerging leader development programs aim to teach professionals how to be better leaders, the focus should not be on training. It is essential to make a leadership program where employees are encouraged to learn new skills instead of being trained. Leaders cannot be made; they have to be grown. The program’s structure should give participants chances to learn things that will help them grow as leaders. 

Identify Potential Leaders

It is not easy to find people who might be good leaders. Focusing on the best performers might seem like a good idea, but it might not be the best choice. Even if someone is a great performer and gets a lot done, that does not mean they will be a good leader. The traits of a good performer are not the same as those of a good leader. When making a program to help people become better leaders, it is essential to look beyond the obvious choices and consider other options. The chosen few must have the ability and desire to become leaders in the organization.

What Are the Qualities of An Emerging Leader? 

There is no best way to figure out a new leader’s qualities. Some organizations believe that emerging leader development programs should be open to anyone who wants them, regardless of rank or title. Other companies think that a program that picks winners makes for healthy competition. Even in your organization, some leadership roles require specific skills that must be proven and established before you can lead, while other leadership roles may not. With that in mind, here are two common ways to choose new leaders.


Anyone who wants to learn to be a leader can join an Emerging Leader Development Program. People who are already motivated can use self-selection filters. Even if someone doesn’t become a people leader, they will still learn essential leadership skills that will make them better contributors and team members.

Manager Selected

Their manager picks them to go by nominating them. Take care with this method. Without clear and strict rules about managers, managers may choose people they like or are similar to them. The last thing you want is a manager selection process that makes it hard for your leadership pipeline to be diverse and give people chances.

There may not be a single approach that works, but here is one rule to keep in mind as you develop your own: Get to know the specific challenges leaders at your organization face. Then, use the knowledge and skills of your emerging leader development program to deal with those problems.

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