A Detailed Guide To Setting Up Your Vape For The First Time!

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Your new vape pen starter kit has just arrived, and you’re excited to try it out. Your first inclination will be to press the fire button or draw on the mouthpiece to see how it works… PLEASE STOP!!! The most typical rookie error is pressing the button or drawing on the mouthpiece when the tank or pod is empty; this results in a dry hit and burns the cotton within the coil. As a result, when you go to vape, you get a burned flavour and an extremely negative first impression of the taste of your vape pen starter kit that you worked so hard to find. If you follow our step-by-step setup instructions below, you’ll be up and running in minutes and vaping like a pro!

Set up your vape pen starter kit

Remove your gadget from the box and position it in front of you on a level surface.

Add e-liquid to your tank or pod

You will be refilling the refillable pod if you have a pod system. First and foremost, you must identify the filling cavity on your pod. The majority of pods are filled from the top or the side, although this will be clearly stated on the vape pen starter kit package or in the instructions.

If you have a typical tank, you must establish if it is top or bottom fill. 9/10 tanks are top fill, although it will be specified in the product packaging/manual which tank you have.

Prime your vape pen starter kit coil/pod 

This is a critical step in achieving the best flavour and experience. Allow your tank or pod to sit for 5 minutes before utilising it for the first time. The goal here is to ensure that the e-liquid soaks all the way into the cotton in the coil before adding heat. The organic cotton within a coil soaks up the e-liquid. Allowing your tank to sit ensures that the cotton is completely saturated with e-liquid, preventing a dry hit and perhaps burning the coil.

Settings or no settings?

Vapes are classified into two types: fixed-powered devices and variable-powered devices. This refers to the ability to fine-tune the power levels and vape experience. If you have a pod system, it is most likely type 1, but go through both types of vape pen starter kit below to be sure.

Select the appropriate output power

This stage is reserved for more complex equipment, such as a tank and mod setup. Skip to the next step if you don’t have a screen or the ability to change the power settings. Before you take your first vape, ensure sure you have the proper settings to power the coil within the tank. This ensures that you do neither overload nor underpower the coil within the tank.

If adjusted wrong, this might result in the coil burning out and that unpleasant taste we mentioned previously. To find out what settings you need for your device, look in the vape pen starter kit manual or on the packing, on the coil itself or coil packaging, or online from the manufacturer/retailer where you acquired your item.

Take your first vape 

Attach your pod or tank to the device’s body, and you’re all set and ready to go! To use your new vape for the first time, place your mouth on the drip tip/mouthpiece, start drawing from the mouthpiece, and/or hold down the fire button while drawing.

That’s it, You’re now a pro at vaping! 

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