A Complete Guide To Heavy Duty Plastic Bag

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The plastic bag is the most common product you see every day and everywhere. From daily life to industry, plastic bag plays a vital role in making people’s lives easier. Heavy-duty plastic bags in Australia are designed for packaging heavy items in many industries such as fertilizer, pet food, animal feed, activated carbon, and so forth. Let’s understand the in and out of Heavy plastic bags:‍

Types of Heavy Duty Polythene Bag

  • Normal Heavy Duty Polythene Bags with Heat-seal openings: The first one is a normal heavy-duty plastic bag in Australia (sacks) with heat-seal openings. This kind of PE bag can be used for polyester resin, fertilizers, animal feed, etc. This is a popular bag sealing technology that can avert almost any form of contaminant from entering the bag. 
  • Square Bottom Heavy Duty Polythene Bags with Heat-seal openings: As the name implies, this type of Heavy Duty Plastic (PE) bag has a square design on the bottom. The design helps in the storage of bags so that bags can pile up more easily and stand up in the warehouse, which saves a lot of storage space. 
  • Heavy Duty Polythene Bags with Valves: Another type of heavy-duty Plastic Bag in Australia is the valve bag which is called so because it has a valve mouth on the top of the bag. As soon as the bag becomes full, the interior pressure of the bag closes the valve to stop the product from spilling over. These kinds of bags have been used mostly on powdered products such as flours, activated carbon, cement, and so on. 
  • Heavy Duty Polythene Bags with Side Gusseted: This feature is also called side fold, the side gussets expand when this package is filled with things allowing for an ideal shape for filling, palletizing, and retailing. This useful feature not only gives the bagging sense of beauty but also increases its capacity so that it could load relatively more materials.

Influence Factors of Heavy Duty PE Bag

  • Temperature: The transportation of certain products will go through a series of several environments. How to make sure the bag could endure all the hurdles is an important issue for a heavy-duty plastic bag in Australia manufacturer. Temperature change is one of the key problems during the transportation stage. 
  • Moisture: This is the problem that has troubled almost the whole supply chain from fertilizer producers to end users due to the complex humidity conditions in various regions. The need for high-barrier packaging can be important to the protection of the product. Normally, the packaging material for fertilizer is made from plastic (PE) which provides a higher barrier that prevents moisture from entering the bag.
  • Degassing Valve: Degassing valve is another interesting element inspired by coffee packaging. Coffee beans will generate gases as time passes, therefore, there will be a degassing valve added to the coffee pouches which allows it to exhaust gasses during transportation and decrease the potential expansion of the bag. 


When looking for heavy-duty plastic bags in Australia, waterproof, tear puncture and chemical resistance are the major features you need to take into consideration. The abovementioned elements are fundamental to a heavy-duty sack, but there are other customizations you could look into from PE bags about the specific storage requirements of certain products. 

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