Perfect Pergolas For Backyards Recommended By Builders

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The backyard of any house according to most people is the most neglected one because it does not really add any charm to the property. On the contrary, it is one of those spaces that can be improvised upon. Backyards can be decorated in any way you want without the additional pressure of the space having to always look strikingly beautiful. Of course, it is not always visible and does not carry the responsibility of having to create a lasting impression on others. Thus, pergolas add a lovely charm to the backyard, and builders in Inner West Sydney will always recommend this for independent properties.  

Different Types of Pergolas for Your Backyard

As mentioned above pergolas add a lot of sophistication to the respective property and there are many varieties available in the market. Call any of the builders in Inner West Sydney to advise you on the perfect choice for your backyard. It should match the décor and the feel of the particular space. Installing a pergola obviously requires professionals.

The different types of pergolas include:

  • Wooden- Wood is a popular choice when it comes to making pergolas because it can accommodate both designs- freestanding and part of the wall. Cedar, teak, and mahogany, teak are used for making pergolas, and most people like the natural look and appeal of wooden pergolas. However, some people want to paint it before use. Wood pergolas do not chip, and they are naturally resistant to fungi, termites, and decay. 
  • Metal- Metal pergolas are absolutely different from their wooden variety. These are sturdy and resistant to weather changes. Builders in Inner West Sydney advise this variety for people who wish to have something which takes less maintenance. The only issue with metal is rusting and that can be avoided by galvanizing it frequently. 
  • Brick or Stone- If your pergola is attached to a wall, then having it built with brick or stone will be ideal. This will also match the exterior of the house enhancing the charm of the property. Just clean it regularly with water and it is good to go. 
  • PVC- PVC is one of the best raw materials to make a pergola with. Builders in Inner West Sydney will tell you that these are extremely low maintenance and do not suffer from the problems from which wood or metals suffer. PVC does not get affected by weather changes. Thus, it is an excellent material to invest in while making pergolas. 
  • Fiberglass- Fiberglass is a light material and comes in transparent shades like beige or white and appears clean. It can be maintained with an annual power wash and is resistant to decay. The bigger pergolas can be made with fiberglass and this will be recommended by the builders in Inner West Sydney. The only problem with fiberglass is that it can break with extreme pressure. 

Thus, you can seek a builders’ service while installing pergolas in your backyard for a perfect finish. Just choose the right one.

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