The Necessary Home Gym Equipment For Your Place

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Are you thinking about building a gym at your place? It will work great if you want to have your own space while doing your routine exercises. In case you haven’t set up a gym in your life, you might be confused regarding the items that you would like to install initially. Adding all the necessary items at once in your gym is impossible. But you can include some very basic home gym equipment initially. Thereafter, you can keep adding the equipment that you find important. Let’s take a look at the equipment that you can add early on: 

Exercise Mat 

The most common home gym equipment you need is an exercise mat. Even if you’re going to do just yoga exercises, this mat is going to be helpful. The mat should be long enough to carry out all your exercises smoothly. Look for a thicker mat for more cushioning, especially if you’re working out on a hard floor. It is quite manoeuvrable as well. If you want to carry out your exercise routine outside your place, gym equipment is always going to come out in handy. 


If you want to build muscle, one home gym equipment you would need at all costs is a kettlebell. You can do traditional kettlebell exercises such as kettlebell swings or Turkish get-ups. These exercises can add a lot of strength to your body, apart from providing the muscles with your desire. You would need a kettlebell weighing about 14 to 15 pounds to do muscle training. 

Set Of Heavy Dumbbells 

Another common home gym equipment that’s necessary for you to is a set of heavy dumbbells. The advantage of using these dumbbells is that you can do various exercises with their assistance. You can constantly challenge yourself with the help of heavy dumbbells. A heavier set of dumbbells also allows you to progress exercises as you get stronger. Even if you are not able to do many reps, you will get stronger daily if you take the help of heavy dumbbells. 

Light Dumbbells 

While heavy dumbbells would be the need of the hour, you would also be required to have light dumbbells. It would be beneficial for women, especially when they are doing cardio exercises. Put one behind your knee during donkey kicks for added resistance, or hold on to them during standing cardio moves. They can also act as a great alternative to heavy dumbbells, in case they are becoming hard to handle.

Resistance Bands 

You won’t mind buying this home gym equipment for various reasons. You can easily store these bands even if you have limited space at your house. On top of that, they can help you do all kinds of exercises. Resistance bands are a great way to add an extra challenge to lower-body exercises. You can do various lower-body exercises with the help of such equipment. 

These are some home gym equipment you need to buy for your place. There are various other pieces of equipment too, but these are some of the basic ones you can buy to start your gym! 

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