Economic Benefits of Small Caravans with Ensuite

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The most common and often most inconvenient concession for couples and families buying a tiny trailer is that they usually do not have a shower and toilet. While this is great for tourists staying at caravan parks and camping sites with clean facilities, it becomes more problematic for those looking for an off-the-beaten-path experience.


Towing is not an easy job, even with years of expertise behind the wheel. Moreover, even for experienced towers, reversing and turning a lengthy towing combination of vehicle and trailer are two of the most challenging aspects of towing. Furthermore, the freedom gained from being on the road may be hampered by the dread of going down an unknown path that turns out to be a dead-end with no space to turn.

While everyone’s idea of small caravans with ensuite varies, let us assume it is less than 15 feet long. Even on narrow roads, the narrower turning circle of a van that size or smaller makes are turning a snap. Furthermore, it is less likely to be severely buffeted by passing vehicles or road trains since it is shorter. A simpler vehicle to manoeuvre also implies a less stressful, less tiring, and safer driving experience.

Fuel Economy

It should be understood that pulling a smaller, lighter van would save you money at the pump over a larger, heavier vehicle. We all know of the distinction between towing and not towing in terms of fuel economy, so putting a shorter, lighter van on the ball will fall somewhere in the middle, depending on the conditions of your vehicle.

Tow Vehicle Options

When it comes to vehicles, you would be excused for believing that the only way to enjoy the caravanning lifestyle is to invest in a new caravan and a heavy new tow vehicle capable of towing it. However, many people cannot afford both and must settle for the vehicle in their garage today or a smaller, less expensive alternative than a full-size 4WD.

Manual Handling

Because we are not all masters at reversing a caravan, the ability to manage a caravan by hand when necessary is an underappreciated feature. Most small caravans with ensuite include grab grips on the front and back. Most full-size caravans, on the other hand, are too heavy to move by hand. On the other hand, smaller, lighter trailers make getting into the perfect position on your caravan park spot a snap. To lift an 1800kg vehicle, you may still need two or three people, but it is possible!


Nowadays, everyone and their dog is constructing 20-foot caravans with a front island bed, a mid-kitchen, and a full-width rear bathroom. The technique is well known, well-proven, and simple to implement. It is fitting all or at least the majority of the features desired by contemporary banners into a 12-15ft van. In addition, the result is always small caravans with ensuite with an original interior design and layout, with every inch of space meticulously thought-out and placed precisely so. This is something to think about if you want to stand out from the crowd.

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