Which Splashback Is The Best Choice For White Kitchen Interior?

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Selecting a wall for your kitchen interior is somewhat a tricky task. A lot of options are available, and this leaves people confused about choosing the best one. The problem doubles when they want a completely white interior for their kitchen. The white kitchen interior requires more maintenance and care. So, what material should be installed on your white kitchen walls?

Till now, splashbacks are the best choices for kitchen walls. Now, what are splashbacks? Splashbacks are sheets that can be of many materials like acrylic, tiles, glasses, etc. These sheets are mostly fitted in the area near the sink, stoves, and hobs. 

Types Of Splashbacks

There are four main types of splashbacks that you may consider installing in your kitchen walls. Let us have a look at these options.

  • Tiles

Splashback tiles for white kitchens are popular as several designs and patterns are available in tiles. These are similar to normal tile blocks but with a greater ability to protect the walls. Splashback tile blocks are usually made of Italian porcelain tiles. To your white kitchen interior, white splashback tiles can add a spark. 

They are available in different patterns, designs, and sizes that can harmonize with the floors, cabinets, and the kitchen’s overall look. 

The splashback tiles are easier to clean and maintain than the usual tiles. They provide active protection against heat, water, and grease to keep the walls undamaged and clean. This is a cost-effective option.

  • Acrylic

Acrylic splashbacks come in a variety of designs, colours, and patterns. They give a matte finish that looks modern and stylish in the kitchen. You may contrast them with the white interior or match it completely. 

Acrylic splashbacks are quite affordable compared to other types. But they may not provide the best protection against heat, moisture, and scratches. 

  • Glass

Glasses are also widely used as splashbacks. They provide adequate stability to the walls. Glass splashbacks are pretty easy to maintain and clean as grease, moisture, or dirt particles can’t settle well on the surfaces.

The appearance of glass goes pretty well with white kitchens. You can install any glass splashbacks as a lot of designs, colours, and patterns are available. Choose the one that matches your taste. However, this is a bit more costly than other options.

  • Stainless Steel

For a shiny look, you can choose a stainless steel splashback. They are extremely durable and give a dazzling look. They are heat and water-resistant too. But for white kitchens, it may not be the right option. It may not match the calm and natural mood of a white kitchen interior.

Comparing all the four options, it can be said that splashback tiles for white kitchen are the best. Tiles are durable, easy to clean and have a variety of design options. They blend pretty well with white kitchens and would give a touch of elegance. Also, they are cost-effective compared to other options. 

However, depending on your demands, you may choose the option that you prefer. 

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