Understanding The Features And Value Provided By A Force USA My Rack:

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The Force USA F-MR-BASE MyRack Modular Power is the pioneer in its series of unique and most versatile racks that are designed. It is also the only custom power rack curated with completely automated laser cutting and robotic welding technology. These are built from the very core to gel well with your manner of workout. 

It boasts a bulletproof 11 gauge steel construction wherein each production run is tested to ensure exceptional safety standards and weight ratings to produce the most secure and high-quality power rack equipped with a lifetime of the structural warranty. Here, the base unit extends 54 different numbered adjustment points to position any size user for a bench press, squats, etc., perfectly. 

The Force USA My Rack is also the first of its variety to present a mono-lift. That is, a safety lift weighted bar off the rack facility without needing one to step back. Further, the globe chin-up bar is curated to improve one’s grip strength vastly. Its design of lat pull down, and low row attachments are well-suited to ensure robustly and intense lat pulldowns, low row, tricep pushdown and overhead cable curl workout for years to come. 

Specific Attachments That A Force Usa My Rack Available With: 

  • Chin-Up Option 1 Straight Bar: 

A straight chin-up bar or monkey bars are optimised for variable chin-ups and kipping, i.e. functional training. These are capable of taking close to 400kg weight. The 2x chin-up bars are suited to be positioned upon any precision laser cut homes in the top crossbars. 

  • Chin-Up Option 2 Globe Multi-Bar: 

These are suitable for grip strength training and tend to feature two different sized globe handles along with a multi-grip chin-up bar incorporation. 

  • Chin-Up Option 3 Multi-Grip Bar: 

Another money bar chin-up variety bolted flush to the support brackets. There are no unsolicited movements, along with a solid fixture that is capable of taking up to 400kg in weight rack.

  • Chin-Up Option 4 Hammer Strength Multi-Grip: 

These allow for various grips while bolted flush along with the support brackets, facilitating no movement. Equipped with a solid fixture, they can sustain around 400kg in weight.

  • Core Trainer Attachment: 

A valuable addition to your collection, these are compatible with all types of rotational torso training, including a set of upper body training.

  • Dip Handle Attachment: 

They can be fixed at any point on the rack, i.e. either back or front of the uprights or side, typically used as storage shelves.

  • J-Hook Option 1: 

Curated off of 8mm steel with solid pin and rods and has a tested weight capacity of up to 450kg. 

  • J-Hook Option 2: 

This is an upgraded version of the standard J-Hook. These are stronger with a significantly heavier weight rating—these host an exceptionally distinct weight rating of 1200kg. 

  • Lat Pulldown Attachment: 

These take up limited space at the rear end of the unit and serve several exercise requirements. They equip you with powerful and intense lat pulldowns, tricep pushdowns, low row and overhead cable curl workouts for an extended period of time. 

  • Knee Holder Kit For Lat Attachment: 

These need to be affixed to a MyRack Pin and Pipe safety or a MyRack Band Pegs. Thus providing requisite knee bracing with well-secured foam padding while you perform lat pulldowns. These are ideal when you are pulling heavier loads.

  • Other valuable attachments that are typically made available with A Force USA My Rack include Mono lift option attachment, Band pegs (x4), Safety option 02 – box tube, Safety option 03 – spotter arms, Safety option 04 – slings, Weight plate holder (x4), FID bench with arm/leg developer, Adjustable cable crossover attachment, and a Lat pull down seat for the cable crossover attachment.

The above-mentioned pointers allude to the specifications of a Force USA My Rack and its diverse attachments and features for your understanding and research motivated towards purchase.

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