Things To Consider And Avoid When Buying An Insulated Truck Body For Sale In Australia!

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Just over a decade or two ago, people still used to get their transportation of fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, milk, poultry, ice cream, flowers and other perishable products using salt and ice. Fast forward to the modern world, and people have found efficient and effective ways to transport their perishable goods and cargo using the insulated truck body for sale. Several service truck body builders are now in the market, making the best-insulated truck body for fast, safe and profitable transportation of goods. With various types of insulated truck bodies now available, one must make certain decisions to ensure that they get the perfect refrigerated truck for their transportation purpose. 

Starting the article with the list of things that should be considered for your insulated truck body for sale from your service truck body builder:

Some key pointers to note:

  • Will you need a single temperature truck body that will keep the entire space at a constant temperature?
  • Will you require a multi-temperature truck body that will be able to carry goods at different temperatures?
  • Future proof your business. Consider the distance that the goods need to travel and what amount of storage size would be needed. All this is to determine the size of your truck body.
  • Get your priorities fixed to ensure you get exactly what you need or what you may need in the future to save on unwanted visits to your service truck body builder.

The Single temperature vs Multi-temperature debate:

  • The first thing that pops into a person’s mind is that a single constant temperature throughout the truck body would be an ideal choice. But in reality, it will not always hold. Different products would need different temperatures for safe and easy transport. 
  • For instance, if you select an insulated truck body for sale for your milk business, using a single temperature truck body would be well off. Multi-temperature storage will be required if you need it to transport ice cream and milk in the same truck. Hence it’s always necessary to consider the business type before venturing to buy your insulated truck body.
  • A single-temperature insulated truck body would cost less and would weigh much lighter than a multi-temperature insulated truck body.  
  • Having a multi-temperature insulated truck body allows for multiple compartments to be inside the same truck, which allows different temperature storage items to be transported together, which will help reduce the number of trips required to transport the goods. 

The refrigerator-size, capacity and the distance to travel:

While purchasing an insulated truck body for sale from your service truck body builder, always remember to pick a truck depending on the route it would be travelling. 

  • Selecting a large truck body would be ideal if your deliveries are on a national level, spanning highways to reach the destination. In contrast, a smaller reefer would be preferred for deliveries within the city and small spaces for faster and smoother deliveries. 
  • Ensure your purchase a perfect capacity truck body for hassle-free transportation of goods. Payload plays an important role here. Overloading your reefers would reduce their cooling efficiency and also require more fuel to transport your products. Similarly, if you buy an extra spacious reefer, you will waste storage space and pay more for the purchase. If you are unsure about the total capacity, speak with your service truck body builders to ensure you get your ideal truck customised as per your requirements. 

Refrigerated truck fit-outs and business budget:

Never shy away to ask your service truck body builders for customised fit-outs in your refrigerated trucks. One would feel they can easily install a new fit-out to carry extra storage or for proper segregation. Still, it’s also essential to consider several factors such as the insulation thickness, the carrying capacity of the fit-out, etc. It’s also important to note that fit-outs will take away additional space from your overall storage space. Always check for the trade-offs that would have to be made and would it still be profitable for your business to install them. In modern times, several customisations and accessories have come up that would be a perfect fit for your refrigerated truck without going overboard.

As the things to consider has been covered, you should never avoid the following for your insulated truck bodies for sale:

1. Underestimating your insulation needs:

Different carriers need different insulation types depending on the goods they are transporting. The insulation thickness plays a significant role in deciding where your goods stay adequately secured and within the set temperature for longer. Always choose a body size that provides you best insulation space and ample storage space for easy and safe transportation of your goods.

2. Selecting the wrong door:

Your door and door type’s exit and entry location can play a huge role. Need shutter doors or hinged doors? While shutter doors are easier to use, there may be insulation issues in the long run; whereas a hinged door may cause you issues with the door opening and closing in cramped spaces, they have better insulation. Selecting the right side/ end for your doors also plays an important role. For instance, a rear door that is widely used may not be perfect if you want to take out goods at the dock, where overhead opening offer better operational value. Similarly, for city businesses, it may be possible to install side doors for easier access.

3. Overlooking the airflow needs:

When purchasing your insulated truck body for sale, check whether sufficient space would be left and an opening available for air ventilation. This will ensure proper cooling and not damage to your goods. Geeting the suitable floor selecting will also help ensure the best quality airflow. Speak with your service truck builders to get the exact flooring as per requirement. 

Hoping the above things to consider and avoid when purchasing your next insulated truck body for sale will help you buy your ideal refrigerated truck so that you can have a booming business.

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