Things To Consider Before You Buy Tahini Online

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Tahini is a middle eastern food item that is used in a lot of things like desserts, baba ganoush and other similar dishes. Tahini has also found its way into modern cuisine and has had an increasing demand ever since. It enhances the taste of the dishes and the consistency of tahini is used to increase the thickness and creaminess of your cuisine. However, it is still not widely used by many people as they do not exactly know what it is. Here is everything you need to know and consider before you buy tahini online

What Is Tahini And How Is It Made?

The word Tahini has been taken from ‘china’, an Arabic word which means “to grind”. Tahini is prepared by grinding roasted sesame seeds into a fine paste. It is equivalent to what we know as almond or peanut butter. Tahini tastes creamy and nutty and can be used to make your gravies thick and smooth. Tahini is widely used in middle eastern cuisine. 

Things To Consider Before You Buy Tahini Online 

Here are some of the things you can look for before you buy tahini online.


Tahini tastes best when it is creamy and smooth. Just like peanut butter, tahini also comes in different types of consistencies. The best consistency is considered when your tahini is savoury and nutty with a creamy feeling when you eat it. It also tastes a little bitter but that is how Tahini should taste. If the Tahini you bought online tastes better than usual, it probably is not properly made. 


The basic ingredient used in tahini is roasted sesame seeds. They are ground into a very fine paste. However, to enhance the taste and increase its shelf life, preservatives and taste enhancers are often added. When you buy tahini online, make sure to read the ingredients list so that you know what you are ordering. 

Shelf Life 

Shelf life is also an important factor to consider while you buy tahini online. If you are a regular user of tahini and use it in all kinds of gravies and dishes, it will get used up frequently. Even so, the shelf life of tahini matters. Good brands have a longer shelf life so that the tahini remains fresh even if it is not used for quite some time. 

Brand Quality

The quality of Tahini differs from brand to brand. A good Tahini always has a nutty taste to it and it enhances the taste of your dishes. Well-known Tahini brands are always available in the market. Therefore, while you buy Tahini online, make sure you only order from a reputed brand which has good Custom ratings and reviews. 

Tahini can be used as salad dressings, dips, and as a puree to make your gravies taste better. Before using Tahini, make it sir for a while so that the oil content precipitates out. You can then use the tahini in all your favourite dishes. If you are a regular user, you can buy tahini online very conveniently!

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