What Are the Best Ways to Use Natural Stone Tiles?

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There are a variety of reasons why people want to use natural stone in building their homes and other structures, including its durability and the aesthetic appeal that it adds to home interiors and exteriors. There is also practicality involved as there is an ancient belief that certain parts of the world bestow good luck and prosperity upon those living in or on top of them. There are several types of natural stones varieties and natural stone suppliers available today, making it important for those interested in using this material for construction purposes to understand what each type offers so as to make better decisions on which one would work best for them. 

  • There are several sorts of natural stones that may be utilised in the building of homes and businesses, and some of them are:

The most popular natural stones used for construction purposes are marble and granite. Other types of stone include limestone, travertine, slate, sandstone, bluestone, gabbro and basalt. Marble is a natural rock that was formed from a recrystallized carbonate mineral known as calcite or dolomite. It has been used since ancient times due to its aesthetic appeal and durability which is attributed to its formation from these particular minerals. There are different types of marble available when you go and check out from natural stone suppliers today based on the type of surface finish/pattern each one offers such as polished marbles, honed marbles, flamed or brushed marbles etc.

Types such as limestone, slate, sandstone and bluestone are sedimentary rocks formed by significant amounts of once-living organisms like plant and animal whose remains over time compacted into layers upon layers of particles forming layers of stone like these after millions of years under high pressure and temperature. Travertine is also formed from recrystallised carbonate minerals such as calcite or dolomite but is different from marble in the way it forms. While marble forms in metamorphic conditions, travertine forms in highly alkaline and warm water with high lime content.

  • Tips for Using Stone Tiles Into Bathroom Design:  

There are so many ways in which you can use natural stones in bathroom designs. However, this will depend on how much you are willing to spend and the general style of your house. Firstly, it is important that you give some thought to what kind of look you are trying for before making any decisions because not all stones go well with each other. If appearance is something that matters to you but the budget doesn’t allow for professional help, why not try out small projects like using different types of stone tiles to decorate the interior walls? You could also experiment with various styles by combining or alternating two stones with contrasting colours. If you are looking for a stylish flooring solution, using different types of stone tiles is a great idea. Marble and travertine look amazing when combined with other elements in the bathroom such as steel and glass.

Other tips on how to use natural stones in bathroom designs include decorating them with an ethnic or theme-based motif, letting them extend vertically up walls by lining them up in strips and creating borders around certain areas like sinks or toilets. It is crucial that you give some thought into the colour combinations but there is no specific rule when it comes to matching colours or contrasting them. Do your research on current trends when it comes to using natural stones. Some people may feel overwhelmed at the amount of choices they have so if yours is one of these cases, choose the right stone suppliers in Sydney and their team will guide you in the entire process.

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