Don’t Buy Timber Flooring In Kellyville Without Asking These Questions

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Planning to buy timber flooring in Kellyville for a new renovation project? Or are you building a new home where you hope timber floors can add a sense of balminess and genuineness that you always wanted in your interior spaces? If you’ve decided on solid timber, it’s the best option out there. 

The qualities solid timber flooring in Australia offers to homeowners is hard to replicate. But, since flooring is one of the most important home upgrade investments, it’s better for homeowners to do some basic research before shopping for timber flooring. To help you with the process, here are some key questions to ask sellers that can improve your floor shopping experience. 

Don’t Underestimate the Impact of Colours:

The fact that timber flooring in Kellyville is so popular is largely down to the fact that it comes with a neutral palette. Timber can be used alongside any materials, finishes, or textures without looking out of place. However, to create a look that fits your room’s aesthetic, you need to make some considerations. 

  1. Timber floors with darker shades typically make living spaces feel more cosy and relaxed. They’re good for homes in cooler climates that experience sporadic sunshine exposure. 
  2. Lighter Timbers – If you want the floors to be a neutral canvas for your customised interior designs, lighter timbers (e.g., Blackbutt, Maple) are perfect. They provide a fresh appeal to congested living spaces. 
  3. Wide Boards – If you’re creating open plan spaces or setting up flooring systems in large rooms, this option is great. 

How Do I Clean My Wooden Floors?

While it’s true that solid timber flooring in Australia typically lasts for decades with proper care and maintenance. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget the second part of that statement and avoid their cleaning and maintenance responsibilities.

  • Owners of timber flooring in Kellyville must regularly vacuum their floors with soft bristle heads.
  • Sweeping with electrostatic mops or dust collectors is ok. 
  • Long periods of moisture exposure are known to cause even solid timber flooring in Australia to swell and cup. That’s why keeping these floors dry by taking measures like not cleaning with steam or cleaning spills quickly is important. 
  • Fit shielding pads to the feet of chairs, tables, and other heavy furniture items to avoid scuff marks. The number one reason timber flooring in Kellyville gets damaged is due to furniture-related damages. 
  • Sanding high-quality solid timber flooring in Australia is completely safe. Surface features may diminish slightly, but most sanding experts know how to sand solid timber floors without causing them to lose their colours or texture. 

Is My Timber Flooring Sustainably Sourced?

It’s easy to find sustainable sellers or timber flooring in Kellyville. Firstly, timber is inherently natural and a renewable resource. However, some flooring solution providers may use chemicals like formaldehyde to make their products last longer. So, looking for certifications like “Chain of Custody certification” is good for shoppers. 

Buying solid timber flooring in Australia almost always turns out to be a good investment. These questions aren’t designed to stop your pursuit of timber floors. They’ll just help you find peace of mind that the timber floors they just invested in will last for decades! 

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