Everything You Ought To Know About Second Storey Additions

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Homeowners purchasing a new or second home can find it challenging to accommodate all of the space and amenities they desire in today’s smaller and irregularly shaped lots. They don’t want to give up their desired luxuries, but they discover that a sprawling one-story home could entail giving up yard space or the stunning view from their new house. The approach is always to build up rather than down. Many future homeowners are unaware of the various benefits of second storey additions. 

Benefits of 2nd story additions:

More Living Space

They will get double the workable floor space by building second storey additions without sacrificing too much of their favourite outdoor living space. This means they can either buy a smaller home with smaller square footage or still have a large living room.

Keeping Private and Family Areas Separated

2nd story additions house allows families to distinguish their private quarters from the rest of the house. Second-floor bedrooms and bathrooms provide a sanctuary of privacy for each family member that visitors to their home would not infringe on. If there are young children, they will have the peace they need while going to bed earlier without the adults on the first floor needing to tiptoe around, keep their conversation to a minimum, or keep the volume on their radio turned down. 

It allows everyone to relax while hosting family and friends without worrying about disturbing a sleeping child. This additional degree of privacy is also beneficial for someone who does not want others to use their bathroom or enter their bedroom.

Take Advantage of Nature’s Heating and Cooling

Keeping cool at night is better in a second storey additions house because breezes can be captured and used to your advantage. Opening the windows and allowing nature to cool your home saves money on air conditioning and provides more fresh air. When homeowners sleep with the windows open, they find that they sleep better and get more rest. 2nd story addition house often has more exterior walls than a single-story home, which does not allow for good air ventilation because the main living spaces lack or have small windows.

 In contrast, stacking two floors on top of each other offers extra insulation for the ground floor in the winter. Since the top floor serves as insulation, you’ll use less energy to heat the living room, dining room, and kitchen, and because heat rises, your bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs will stay warm even on the coldest days.


Building up rather than out allows homeowners to add more features to their homes at a lower cost. A more extensive foundation will be required if a house has only one floor. This results in higher excavating costs, more cement to be poured, and more supports to be built. You can get the same square footage on a smaller base with less excavating by building up. You’ll need half as much roofing, which will save you a lot of money.

Remember the many benefits of second storey additions when you’re ready to invest in your dream home. You’ll have the space and facilities you need, as well as extra funds for the personal touches that make a house a home.

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