Importance of Fire and Smoke Curtains

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Fire and smoke curtains are common products to ensure safety against dangerous situations in various environments. These curtains, which have some features within their own structure, help minimize the related areas’ damage.

In the areas where these curtains are used, fire and smoke that may occur suddenly are prevented to a great extent. These products, which do not allow the passage of heat to different points by blocking the heat resistively, have very durable material structures.

It is an important issue to include these curtains in the necessary areas to ensure people’s safety and prevent serious damage to the relevant environment. In case of any danger, the fire curtains show their effectiveness as soon as possible and support people’s evacuation from the relevant area immediately. By creating safe escape points, they provide people with an opportunity to move freely.

Properties of Fire Curtains

Fire curtains suitable for use in places such as shopping malls, workplaces, subways, airports, or hospitals have some important features. Thanks to these qualities, they become functional when they act automatically in unexpected danger.

  • Noticing the direct danger in the area where they are established and activating them as soon as possible
  • Always creating a dynamic firewall against danger,
  • Having Firetex material structures,
  • Contain galvanized steel sheet components in their material structures,
  • Ability to trap the fire only in the area where it occurred,
  • Providing a sufficiently strong resistance against high heat values,

Fire curtains contain such important features in their structures and provide effective protection in the relevant areas.

Smoke Curtains

Smoke is one of the occurrences that cause people to experience some poisoning and is always dangerous. Therefore, a mechanism should always be located in the relevant areas to prevent smoke poisoning.

Smoke curtains are products with high efficiency, specially designed for such situations. Smoke curtains, where fire curtains are the basic operating principle, also ensure that the generated smoke remains at a certain point without spreading.

If damask curtains and the environment threaten certain dangers to people, they have a good time getting away from the situation. Just like fire curtains, smoke curtains can be activated immediately during a danger by receiving the necessary signal.

Smoke curtains, which can be effective in coordination with fire curtains, remove the smoke from the relevant area with roof ventilation covers. These curtains are suitable for use in office building environments, airports, and various types of facilities.

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