Plan Your Shifting More Easily By Packing To Move House

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Plenty of things can go wrong while moving. While packing, people have many concerns. There is no fixed list of moving tips and tricks that might help in packing to move house. 

Planning in advance helps

Firstly, go through the rooms, to understand the need for each item. De-cluttering your rooms before packing to move house is a great idea. Start by wadding items you do not need every day. Use the correct cardboard boxes designed for moving. Labelling each box and indicating the room name, is a must. Marking fragile boxes boldly will help the removalist to load them at the top of the truck. Items are to be packed in boxes of proper size leaving no gaps in between them. Pack the big and heavy items at the bottom of the box first. Books ought to be packed in small boxes as they are heavy. Keep all your boxes packed up and ready to go on the arrival of the removalists. All electrical appliances should be detached before the moving team arrives. Also, take down the shelves, light fixtures, or chandeliers if any. Freezer trays must be defrosted and emptied well in advance. 

Packing Small Items

Special care should be taken while packing small items like upholstered items that need to be kept inside protective plastic bags to prevent stains or damage. Before packing to move house remove all bulbs and shades from the lamps. Lamp shades need to be packed separately in a sturdy box, wrapping them in bubble wrap. You should use butcher paper for dishes and glassware. Small appliances and electronics are good to be packed in their original boxes. Clothing ought to be kept in special wardrobe boxes. Depending on the sizes of the clothes, these boxes can accommodate up to 20 hangers. Pack 5 or 6 smaller plants in single cartons with some packing material in between them so they won’t fall over. Leave larger plants for the removalists to pack. 

Tips for packing large items

  • Dismantle your beds, cots, and furniture and keep them ready to go.
  • While disassembling furniture, remember to keep the bolts and fittings in a plastic bag and seal them with tape so they don’t get lost. 
  • Pool tables, Jacuzzi, pianos, and ten-seater marble tables should be packed with special care.
  • Glass table tops or glass doors on furniture or any other glass items need to be wrapped with bubble wrap and sturdy cardboard for safe shipping.
  • Things from the drawers and divan beds ought to be cleared.
  • Clean the cookers well. Separately pack the glass plate of microwave ovens to avoid any damage.
  • Carefully wrapping sharp tools to prevent injury is a must.

Before leaving your old place, and after packing to move house, it is good to make sure everything is loaded. There must be someone on hand in your new house so that when the van arrives, they can inform the crew where to place each item as they are unloaded. 

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